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What is AgentOps?
Real Estate is a challenging profession and you’re often tasked with carrying multiple business hats. Corporations have analysts, operations managers, strategists, and uncapped access to capital to invest in different support roles. AgentOps aims to put you on a level playing field with corporate America by offering you on demand access to analytics, insights, and operational excellence to improve your bottom line. We aim to help you achieve more income while spending less.
How long does it take to setup an account?
AgentOps is easy to setup, we keep it simple and focus on foundational business planning and goal setting first. As you want to dive deeper into your business, we’ll ask for more data and long-term we are focused on automating as much of the data intake process as possible.
I'm a team leader, will this work for me?
Absolutely! We’re currently offering accounts for individual agents, team members, and team leaders. Team leaders will find that we offer unique insights specifically from your point of view, highlighting the costs associated with building and managing teams.
How are seasonal goals calculated?
Your annual goals are seasonally adjusted based on the nationwide homes sales data between 1999-2015. Adjusting seasonally highlights both the peaks and valleys of the industry and helps with expectations and goal setting.
Why is tracking average profit per deal an important metric?
The industry is changing rapidly with companies introducing new ways to pay for lead generation and marketing services.  Tracking profit per deal at the lead source level allows you to track trends from each lead generation source, see where your marketing dollars are best spent, and how you should prioritize your time.
Why is profit & loss important for me to track?
Tracking profit and loss allows you to sum up the health of your business by tracking revenue, expenses, and net income over time.  This will help you decide where to spend your money, where not to spend your money, and what modifications you should make to your business strategy and operations.
Can AgentOps integrate with my CRM?
Unfortunately not, yet! We fully understand the headache and challenges of data entry. Long-term we plan to provide you with solutions to make data entry significantly easier. Currently we offer bulk upload templates for each performance report and/or the ability to enter your data manually.

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