We help real estate agents track and analyze the success of their operations, marketing, lead generation, and support systems.

Formerly entrepreneurs in residence at Zillow Group from 2010-2017, we offer 15+ years of experience building profitable, mega teams.

The BizFin team built the 100+ person sales team in Southern California and the 250+ Premier Agent Concierge team that, annually, works millions of internet leads.

Our ability to improve operational efficiency resulted in an improved cost savings of 30x per lead worked.

The BizFin team was tasked with creating, piloting, and building the next innovations that were often 2-years out from production.
March 2018
After leaving Zillow Group, we started a consulting company geared towards helping real estate agents with operations and strategy.
May 2018
We started creating operational and financial models to help clients more effectively track their business performance and margins.
November 2018
After testing and tracking large sets of data with clients, we decided it was time to build a product outside of Microsoft Excel and Grid Consulting, LLC. became BizFin, Inc.
December 2018
We design sprinted, gathered technical requirements, wrote 00's of user stories, and aligned on an MVP scope.
February 2019
Monthly agent business scorecards were designed and created to highlight operational efficiencies, areas of opportunities and where to improve profit margins.
June 2019
AgentOps product development began with the plan & budget to build phase 1 of a long and robust product roadmap.
October 2019
BizFin launched AgentOps to a small subset of real estate agents.

We believe the best real estate agents will prosper and grow, support more consumers, and increase their market share.

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